Rune-Bertil's you, a Swedish dance band, formed in 1997 by Sven-Ulf Johansson and Jrn-Svante Bekkesvantesson as "Uncle & The Hats".
1998 the name was changed to "Sick Rune's", and 2005 to "Rune-Bertil's". The band got their first song in the Swedish charts in 1998 with "Little Tjomsan". The big breakthrough on the list was the following year with "Hi, hi, hat!". That same year, the band their first gold record. The band's singer was at the time, Christer Pettersson, but from 1999, with Dirty Tracks 2, Rune-Bertil Sigurdsson singer.
In 2000 began Rune-Bertil's not recording songs in German, and the band was not under the name "Das Grosse Leads cap". They achieved no great popularity in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
the end of 2004, had Rune-Bertil's sold three discs. Long joined the band's album series called "Dirty Tracks". 1998 and 2001, the price of the Grammy.
Rune-Bertil's seen during the major part of the 1990s, often as a standard for dance band sound